Stanko Nicolas, 20 years.

2015-2017 - 2 years in plastic art at the Institut Sainte Anne de Gosselies.
2017-2019 - 2 years in computer graphics at the Institut Sainte Anne de Gosselies.
2019-... - I start studying digital art at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur.

Since I was young, I started to draw. I started to have interest in art at the same time I started playing music. It was a hobby before, now it's a passion. I'm very invested in what I'm doing, I'd like to work in 3D modeling, that's what excites me the most, with video games.


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  • Discord : Shiiro#0666 / https://discord.gg/pPRTPb3
  • Twitter : Shiiro_7
  • Instagram : @_nicol6s

  • Shiiro_9@outlook.fr